Statement of CEO

We have had the honor of caring for and protecting our heritage for over a quarter of a century, whether through maintenance, renovation, preparation or development. This has been achieved through intensive research and continuous effort. Accordingly we believe in the value of knowledge, modernization and need for constant advancement, especially in the fields of establishing and developing of museums. Our crowning achievement was the establishment of APT-Systems, a company that specializes in the manufacturing and development of museological displays. As a result of our work and dedication, we are now able to compete with and even surpass foreign competition in the international marketplace.

Our focus has always been on advancing the technology used to produce museum displays and protecting the antiquities placed in these displays. We also offer solutions for optimum utilization of available display area in addition to the use of multimedia tools in presenting information to satisfy the museum visitors’ thirst for knowledge.

Our work started long before APT-Systems was established, with the development of a chain of Egyptian museums since the 1980s. This work, along with the showcases we have been offering to various clients since 2000, is evidence of our chosen path of success. In the end, I have to say that having such a burden has been a rewarding challenge — for us, supporting Egyptian museums and being a part of preserving our heritage is a personal duty that reflects on the civilizations that have risen from this land.

Eng. Raouf youssef
Founder & CEO

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