It is recommended for use within historic buildings where precious floors must remain untouched.


  • The display has a minimum of 10mm thick laminated clear glass, which complies with the BS 6206:1981 standard.
  • Opti-white glass is available upon request, in addition, clients can order the display glass with an anti-reflective coat to reduce the amount of light reflected from the surface.
  • The casing is glass constructed with Ultra-Violet glue or cured silicone.
  • The vertical and horizontal glass panels can be polished by 45 degrees.
  • The glass-carrying base is made from an extruded aluminum alloy, and is powder coated, which can be colored according to RAL standards.
  • The external carcass is made of high quality 1.5 - 2 mm thick steel sheets, which are welded using a Co2 system, and are also powder coated. The base can also be made from painted 12 mm MDF panels or any other veneered surface.
  • The four legs of the base are individually height adjustable.
Removable Dressing Panels
  • The panels are made from zero-formaldehyde MDF wrapped in corrosion tested fabric.
  • Another alternative for the zero-formaldehyde MDF is to use special aluminum panels which offer increased corrosion resistance. 
  • This display case can be provided with light boxes made of either fluorescent, LED or fiber optic lights which are placed above the diffuser grids.
  • In case of a glass ceiling, a suitable vertical fiber optic system is used to illuminate the case.
  •  Clients can also use an external lighting source to illuminate the case.
  • Please email us for more details
Access, safety and security
  • The case is accessed via a revolving door using hidden hinges or a slider which uses a Pull & Slide system. Both systems allow safe access by a single person.
  • Abloy® Cam locks are used in the lower and/or upper glass receiving profile.
  • Please email us for more details
Case conditioning
  • Our Silica Gel/ Art Sorb compartments are easily accessible from outside the display area.
  • Climate control units are also available upon request.
  • Please email us for more details

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